Celebrating Creativity and Collaboration: Mr Price Home x Mo's Crib

Celebrating Creativity and Collaboration: Mr Price Home x Mo's Crib

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We're thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration that's close to our hearts: Mo's Crib has partnered with Mr Price Home to bring you the breathtaking Modupi Range. 🎨 This exclusive collection is a vibrant tribute to the creative vision of Johannesburg-based artist and illustrator Naledi Modupi.

Naledi Modupi's artistry is renowned for its bold and expressive style, celebrating the complexity and beauty of womanhood. Each piece in the Modupi Range at Mr Price Home embodies this ethos, with striking designs that add a powerful narrative to your living space. From large laundry baskets to small planters, every item is crafted to merge art and functionality seamlessly.

At the heart of this collaboration is the Modupi Basket, a standout piece from Mo's Crib featuring bold accents of red and earthy tones. This eclectic design choice ensures that each basket not only serves as a practical home accessory but also as a statement piece that elevates any room.

Exclusive to Mr Price Home, the Modupi Range reflects Mo's Crib's commitment to creating unique, handcrafted products that inspire and delight. Whether you're decorating a new space or updating your current decor, these pieces offer a distinctive blend of modernity and artistic flair.

We invite you to explore the Modupi Range at your nearest Mr Price Home store and discover how art and home decor can intertwine beautifully. For those seeking more inspiration or looking to add few more variety baskets and creativity to their homes, visit Mo's Crib online.

Join us in celebrating this collaboration and embrace the power of art in your everyday life.

Warm regards,

The Mo's Crib Team 🌿

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